The very first site that pops up when you google (or, when I googled) “trans male porn activists ftm” is Buck Angel’s Wikipedia page.

For those of you who don’t know, this is Buck…

Image from Fusion Magazine  2015


In my research, I could not escape how closely related Buck Angel — and his career– are to this topic. In fact, I don’t think any conversation about trans male porn activism could be happen without referencing him.

In the 2016 documentary Mr. Angel by Dan Hunt, Angel reports he began his career after realizing no one was making trans male porn.  He created his own production company, Buck Angel Productions, to produce his own films that starred “The Man with A Pussy.”

Because of Buck the porn world will never be the same. In 2005, Buck won the award for “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” from his performance with trans female porn star Allanah Starr. Together the two created Allanah Starr’s Big Boob, but that was only the launching point for Angel’s activism. He’s won countless awards since then, the most exciting being AVN’s ““performer of the year”.

He says about his own work his ultimate goal is to “change the world!” And argues that his influence, be it through pornography, through his online presence, through his live strip shows, through his creation of new sex toys, or through his interviews and public appearances, is that he can help society rethink what it means to be a man or a woman, to have a sexual orientation.

To see some of this pornography, try Buck’s site or search him on your favorite porn platform.

For even more views of Buck, see the Vice piece on Buck here: Viceland Buck Angel, or check out the movies Sexing the Transman or Mr. Angel.


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