Welcome to the world of trans male porn!

It’s a sexual fantasyland full of masculine moans, reiterations of your favorite fetish, rock hard pecks on top of rock hard abs on top of  pussies.

Yup, in this kind of porn there are lots of pussies. Erect male pussies, to be exact.

Image from the FTMFucker Tumblr account.

We look to porn for pleasure, for release, for sexual education. Some pornographers are fervently trying to use this platform to create a more affirming space for trans bodies who have not undergone surgery (or even those that have).

Melissa Ditmore includes an extensive section called “Transgender Sex Workers” in her Encyclopedia of Sex Work and Prostitution that defines transgender sex work, including non-binary gender variance. (Note: she also recognizes the multiplicity of ways the trans body can be subject to discrimination, violence, and other forms of marginalization.) In acknowledging how trans people engage in porn, Ditmore asserts:

Some believe that promoting pleasurable trans sex in films is an absolute priority in making people see and appreciate trans bodies and trans pleasure. The idea is to make people expand their limited paradigms regarding sex, gender, and sexuality by forcing them to leave their comfort zone and see transgressively gendered bodies engaged in subversive sexual acts. (503)

Yet I must be clear, trans male porn (here,  featuring FTM actors who have not undergone bottom surgery) should not be conflated with its binary opposite, “she-male” porn. To call a trans female a “she-male” would be considered incredibly offensive. This particular fetish genre capitalizes on the heteronormative fear of “chicks with dicks”. As a result, it produces films starring transgender women who have not had bottom surgery. (Not all porn featuring trans women operates for cis, straight male consumption. Similar to FTM porn, there are both good and bad representations. However, the “she-male” genre is widely watched by– and specifically produced for– a hegemonic, heteronormative white audience).

Some of the general consequences for any type of porn starring any type of trans (binary, or non binary) body are similar. For example, through the stage of pornography society is able to see the trans body serve as an autonomous figure in a widely-consumed medium, and  trans body, which is usually considered abject, is allowed to be sexual.

Still, some of the effects of pornography starring FTM bodies are entirely unique. For example, Ditmore claims “trans men may enjoy interaction with gay and bisexual male clients who find them attractive and validate their masculinity.” Likewise, men featured on Sexing The Transman  would also say that representations of male bodies with vulvas have helped them to accept themselves. By seeing other men who look like them on screen being sexual, they are able overcome internalized hatred of their own anatomy.

The “growing body” of porn featuring FTM bodies includes FTM Les Nichol’s Linda/Les and Annie: The First Female-to-Male Transsexual Love Story,  Alley of Tranny Boys by Christopher Lee, Tranny Fags by Morty Diamond, Enough Man by FTM Luke,  the various  films by Buck Angel, the growing site made by FTM James Darling called FTM Fucker, and many other independently published films on the internet.

The reason these platforms matter is that we get to see masculine bodies, but bodies that are atypical, playing the star. They direct our fantasies, or, they become our fantasies. 

In a culture plagued by toxic masculinity, the pleasure caused male pussy in FTM porn can be explosive (both in a sexual and political sense).


Works Cited

Ditmore, Melissa Hope. Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 2006. Print.


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