Hello readers!

Let me start by noting how absolutely inappropriate it would be for me to write this blog without being transparent with you. I am a cis white female.  I tell you my identity because I recognize it as a privilege. I recognize how my cisgender status influences and impacts my ability to read (or rather, misread) certain nuances in the debates around and within the trans communities.

 I do not wish to speak for the trans community.

Rather, I hope this blog can be used as a tool to help amplify the radical voices in FtM activism and in pornography that already exist. My intention is to pay homage to them, to propel the force of their work to impact audiences they may not have reached before. (You know, audiences who might not have done the right searches on PornHub…)

You should also know this blog was created for a school project for my Transgender Studies course, my final Women Studies Gender Studies elective course at Loyola University Chicago.

So, sure, this blog is an extension of my own political and academic endeavors. Still I do not mean to position myself as any sort of authority on this subject. I haven’t watched every type of FtM pornographic representation, I am neither a pornographer nor a porn star, I am not trained in porn studies, and again, I am not FtM. As a result my perspective is limited, perhaps even liminal.

I approached this topic because I wanted to know more about FtM representations in pornography. I was interested in what pornography (a medium often fraught in society at large, shushed in social circles, never addressed in the classroom, and even kept secret from sexual partners) could do when it was embraced as a radical form of political activism.

That was where I began my search, and this is what I have come up with.

Please feel free to use the comment section for questions, or call out when I misconstrue something — I chose this online platform to encourage debate and discovery!

Happy browsing!