I want to see your vulva, man!

  Welcome to the world of trans male porn! It's a sexual fantasyland full of masculine moans, reiterations of your favorite fetish, rock hard pecks on top of rock hard abs on top of  pussies. Yup, in this kind of porn there are lots of pussies. Erect male pussies, to be exact. We look to porn for … Continue reading I want to see your vulva, man!


Why So White?! A Colorful History

In the introduction to the Transgender Studies Reader, Susan Stryker recognizes the "overwhelming (and generally unmarked) whiteness" in the field of transgender studies and in transgender sources ("(De)Subjugated Knowledges" 15). Stryker recognizes that in order to fully conceive of an intersectional approach to transgender studies, we must recognize how such Whiteness plays a role in … Continue reading Why So White?! A Colorful History

But It’s Still A Little Messed Up, Right?

The quick answer is yes: FTM porn and FTM porn activists aren't the ideal and perfect solution to the issues plaguing the trans community at large, or even the FTM community. Yet, this shouldn't end the discussion. Yes, when we focus on FTM activists who operate only in the sexual sphere, we can ignore some to the real … Continue reading But It’s Still A Little Messed Up, Right?


Like Lou, With Lube

  FTM porn activists like Buck Angel  have been busy challenging how the mainstream porn industry thinks about FTM bodies, but they follow in the activist footsteps of Lou Sullivan. Lou Sullivan was the first openly gay trans male in the US, or at least the first one in historical memory. He contributed to the San Fransisco publication Golden Gate Guys … Continue reading Like Lou, With Lube


Using Orgasms to Change the World

SEX WORK AS A STAGE FOR (and of) LIBERATION I call the stage that is pornography a stage for liberation. Why? Well, according to PornHub, over 23 BILLION people watched porn on their site in 2016. That's over 64 MILLION people a day... that is equivalent to over 20% of the US population tuning in at the … Continue reading Using Orgasms to Change the World


The Buck Starts Here

The very first site that pops up when you google (or, when I googled) "trans male porn activists ftm" is Buck Angel's Wikipedia page. For those of you who don't know, this is Buck...   In my research, I could not escape how closely related Buck Angel -- and his career-- are to this topic. In fact, I … Continue reading The Buck Starts Here


Trouble with Terms?

If I have learned anything in my education as an English and Women's Studies Gender Studies major, it is that the language we use matters-- it matters a lot. Some people actually view understanding gender variance as learning a whole new language; a language which emerges and grows every day to accommodate for more types of … Continue reading Trouble with Terms?